Wednesday, April 16, 2008

That's weird

Lots has happened in a week’s time. Last Saturday was a miraculously bright day. Sun was glazing and everything just looked so bright and pretty. I took the opportunity of visiting “Museum of Flight” Remember playing with toys, cars, some trucks as a kid? I felt exactly the same way; just the size of my playground and the planes had extravagantly increased. I was thrilled to be inside “President’s Plane”. I did want to sit in his chair, but it was strongly marked “Do not sit in this chair”. When the president is on board this plane goes by the name “Air Force One”. I just thought it was cool to name it that way. The one plane which I loved was a 737 / 747, I hardly know the difference. The reason I loved it is coz it goes by the Baby Boeing. Isn’t that cute? An ex-air force pilot gave us a tour of the museum and told us all about the airplanes. I was completely distracted with all the hanging and sitting airplanes, which were in different sizes and shapes. Wish could fly in some of them, wouldn’t that be awesome? We saw a plane which was used for some war purpose; it had a little missile like thing sitting on it. The missile was called ‘drone’. It’s kind of an unmanned little plane, used to spy. I didn’t know they had those back then. I just kept looking at the drone and wondering, what if one could fly in that one. So all in all it was a good way of spending a sunny day.

On another note, I was reading news a few mins ago and I came across this. Isn’t it ridiculous? Now I don’t want to make any comment here, but I am not too happy with people walking out of a function. And what is wrong with the journalist’s isn’t there better news than this one? That made me drop the Times of India for a bit and I turned to CNN and look what I find there. I think it’s some piece of news, now how many times do we get to hear a rebellion like this. Its sounds like, tell me who is the beneficiary of your life insurance policy or I’ll take your life to find that out. And in other news, a volcano which was tight lipped for 400 years, woke up and screamed at Colombia. 400 yrs. By the way, anyone heard or read any more news on the two faced girl. Did she speak?