Friday, May 23, 2008

I dare to fly....

So here is some piece of news for all of you. I quit my job. Yup, I did like 1 week back. And today I move on. I hate the last day @ office, where you meet all those whom you worked with and each one has a question in their mind and on their face. Where, why, when, how? Gladly my exit interview was like a 2 min thing, and there wasn’t a lot of probing. I will certainly miss all the nice people I work with. We all went to lunch today and as I looked around, I tried to capture all the good moments. These are the first Americans I worked with. I learnt the jokes, slang and first facts about working with Americans here. I will certainly miss them all.

I do feel absolutely light, just like good old school days when you appear for the very last exam and are returning home. But at the same time I have butterflies fluttering in my stomach. I spread my wings and pretty much swing them. Are they still strong for the flight? Will I survive in the bigger skies? Though it’s scary, I am so ready for it. Different people to meet, more friends to make, tougher tasks to handle and yeah experience to gain. Wish me luck guys, coz I dare to fly…..