Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Do dead people watch us?

I wandered blogs, newspapers and articles in hope that I would find something interesting to read. But alas! So I just thought of creating a post and mostly blabbering. So excuse me if this doesn't make any sense to you. Did anything ever? So what was I saying again, yeah today on the msn home page is an article about a mad woman writing a mad book. The book goes by the name "Do Dead People Watch Us?" I know, I know completely valid question. But if you read her nonsensical interview, you probably will slap yourself twice before throwing up. Kuch bhi bolti hai pagal. She claims to talk with the dead. I think the talking-with-the-dead syndrome is more like a symptom of a retarded brain condition. Moreover, this woman also claims to know what happens to us when we die. Did I say again that she may be God in disguise. Grrrrr. As if the craziness of talking to ghosts wasn’t enough, she writes a book and is interviewed to discuss about it. What have I been doing so long I ask myself? Where did the killer instinct of I can do it too go.

That's how I got this brave idea of writing a brilliant book. Ofcourse the interviews, autographs and fame would follow. But before all that, I need to come up with an idea. So here are my 5 brilliant ideas. Personally, I believe all five of them are a hit, but I think audience vote plays a very important role here. Here is your chance blaudience, to vote for the best book. Top 5 ideas:

1. Who lives on planet Pluto?
2. I met the Mermaids
3. Thoughts of a mosquito
4. The 55th alien I spoke to
5. The dreams of a buffalo

Jokes apart. Really, do dead people watch us? I'll tell ya what I think, when you tell me what ya think. So you, yeah you there, better look around to check if a dead is watching you.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

New hair cut

I got fedup with my hairstyle. So this Sunday I decided to chop and get a makeover (in a way). Found a hair salon with some discount going on and headed to it. Can you believe it charges same for men or women hair cut? I mean what skill does one need to cut men’s hair. Fact apart that whether you cut one inch more or less they don’t care much. So I reached the salon and was pointed to this Chinese women to cut my hair. I told her Madhuri Dixit style, shoulder length, layers. Not that it would make me look any good as Madhuri, but well everyone aspires of good things in life. Her first response was, sorry I can’t cut such long hair. Whaatttt? It's not even upto my waist, it’s a good 3 inch less. I had no choice but to allow her to chop off as much as she would be comfortable with. The other reason was of course my head felt light, my brain doesn’t weigh that much you see, it was all hair.

So next day, I walk into office. How many of you have experienced looks people give after: a brand new hair cut, or after removing braces, or first time you got your eyebrows done or (for men) I don’t know maybe chopped off beard or something.

I enter my office and my colleague simply decides to ignore my latest haircut. Dude! I just got a haircut and u don’t seem to care here. No I didn’t say that out loud, but his expression showed he didn’t seem to notice. Next I walk in to my managers office (Monday meeting, yawns!). Managers look: What you got a haircut now? Whatever. And he moves on to the usual doldrums. While he is focusing on work, I wonder whether my hairstyle is all that bad. Well who cares, works for me. Poor taste hmph! Then I go to our scrum, a group meeting of 10 people, hoping someone would notice. I enter the room late, lil bit shy. Sit besides a girl (whom i meet daily) and have to literally tell her, you know what I got a haircut. Yeah you did! She exclaims. It looks nice. Sometimes you just have to get people to validate, you see. While this was the end of the story for most parts. Evening brought new surprises. I took bus home. And usually same bunch of people travel by that bus everyday. The old guy who gets in a stop after me looked at me and raised his eyebrows. At least the oldie recognized me, or maybe his specs were irritating him. Well I prefer to believe the earlier than the latter. Then climbed in the women with her daughter and guess what. The little girl screamed, mum see no aunty got haircut (of course in her mother tongue which thank god was Marathi). I waved back to the girl and her mum. I was surprised at how weird it is, that strangers notice things which people who meet you daily may not.

My take on this one, if you haven’t tried a haircut in ages, it time for a change. Trust me, it feels awesome, just the change and the freshness it brings along.

Edited to add: Today was a day of me having mood to wear traditional Indian outfit at work. Result being, everyone at work seem to notice the outfit ANDDDDD the haircut yay yay!!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

In mood to rhyme or not rhyme

Walks and Roads
Memories and Souls
Victories and Tears
Passions and Empires
Wisdom and Grays
Times and Fames
Crowds and Trains
Dreams and Shades
Shocks and Tales
Wishes and Whales
Sorrows and Shame
Prayers and ….

Rhyme that for me, will ya?