Saturday, October 24, 2009

This blog is gathering some dust now!

Aug, that's when I last wrote. 2 months and nothing. Between fighting flu, trying to actively participate with a non-profit and work, I am struggling with time to sit calmly and pen my thoughts. But I terribly miss my blogging friends and I havent heard from you all in while. So here' what I am going to do, whether I have a story to tell or not I am going to write atleast once a week, so we all stay in touch, ok?
Now about this new non-profit work, I was introduced to Ekal Seattle by one of my friends, a small non-profit that works with a mission to build one school per village. I attended their meetings just with an open curious mind, the more I met them, the more I liked their work and the people involved. Its a small team maybe 8 to 10 folks, very down to earth and nice people. Each one of them is extremely busy and yet they carve out time to work for Ekal, with only one thought of giving back. Giving back to those not as lucky as we are, to the country we came from and to the people we owe.

In past month we organized 2 events- Tango Workshop and Bowling Night, one more event is coming up the Art Workshop. I have a little secret to share with you all, I am a hobby painter :). Next Wed you will find me in action, teaching Warli painting (a form of tribal art) in Redmond, WA. If anyone is interested please feel free to join. For details contact:

I'll definitely keep you all posted with how it went. But the reason I post this here is to share the satisfaction one can get out of voluntering, sharing and helping others. Its a good feeling. So if you are in Seattle and want to volunteer, feel free to contact me at