Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Mom's Enthusiasm

Seriously its like one week more and I get on the flight to India. I am lucky to work in one of the tallest buildings in Seattle, with big glass windows. Today as I stood looking out at the sky, the sun peeked out (trust me it’s a very rare event these days) and lit up the whole city. The fall colors glittered, ice clad Mt Rainier looked like a huge diamond and just then an airplane flew across the sky, reminding me of soon…soon the journey begins. Each passing day is making Mom dear excited. For those who have followed this blog know the special bond I share with Mom. For those who haven’t you are in for some story now. So yesterday as usual I call Mom, nothing special, just the routine evening call, what I did get however is a pulse of her intense enthusiasm. That women sure does know how to live and breathe each moment as it goes. This is how the call went:

Me: (Ma picks up the phone in half a ring) Hello Ma, what are you doing?

Ma: (speaks instantly and rather breathlessly) Ha ya, I have been waiting for your call. I wanted to share some news, there is a change in our itinerary, see we travel on the 5th , but before that you need to attend a function and that reduces one day, so we should actually travel on the 4th or wait may be even 3rd. Yeah 3rd would give us more time.

Me: Ma, maaa, maaaaaaaa will you slow down please. I am not following you. What’s this about, which itinerary, who decided, where are we going?

Ma: Uffff, see you don’t have time no? So we only decided where to go and we only created the itinerary. But then this function came up, so we decided we should change the itinerary. Did I tell you about this function?

Me: Who is we? And where are we going? Whose function? No you haven’t told me about the function yet, neither about this so called itinerary or where we will go. Please don’t tell me you created itinerary for travel within Mumbai (trying to lighten the mood and curb the excitement a bit)

Ma: Me means see there is me, your dad, your brother, (some far off) aunt then there is another aunt, uncle..and some more people. We all decided. We all are going no that's why.Last Sunday we all met to decide the itinerary. What Mumbai? You think there is time for that…see on 5th we must go or rather on 4th, I need to call your aunt to finalize. Oh and the function yeah your cousin is getting engaged…so there is that. She wants you to come stay at her place one day before the engagement and then another day gone. Bai (our maid) Baiiii clean there, don’t you see that spot, clear there first.

Me: Maaa why are you talking to Bai now? What M is getting engaged? This is hugeeeeeeee. I am so excited. I have to go shopping with her for her engagement, yeah and I will go stay at her place. Ma I can’t believe it, this is such great news. Why didn’t you tell me earlier?

Ma: Wait now, I have 100 things on my mind and you want me to remember and tell you each one. Girls na, any event you tell them all they think of is shopping. Where is time for that, but who will think that and then you ask why make itinerary. And we’ll see about staying at her place. After years you are coming and you want to go here and there. Stay at home first.

Me: But Maaa...

Ma: No maaa, nothing doing. You must have become skinny I know, first you come here rest and eat properly. At the function everyone will say you look thin and I don’t want that.

Me: Ma I am not skinny,I don't know who told you that or why you feel that way. And how will I become fat in 2 days and 1 day at M’s place isn’t a big deal, please Maa

Ma: What you girls want to do…do. Don’t ask me….Bai where are you going now, ok come in the evening

Me: Ma about this itinerary thing, can you wait till I reach and then we’ll decide?

Ma: Now listen girl, nothing doing, there are several changes to be made in the itinerary, I don’t even know by time you reach whether your aunts and me will come to any conclusion.

Me (laughing noiselessly): Ok ok Ma you decide, now you better hurry and call aunt

Ma: Yeah yeah, look at the time, you just ask me so many things and then time just flies….now I have 100 things to do…ok call tomorrow….Bai o Bai (and her voice fades as she keep the phone)

It has been years since my Mom stopped me from going for sleepover at my sister’s place and when she yelled at me (ofcourse fake yelling) I simply loved it. I couldn’t really reduce her enthusiasm even by a bit and wouldn't trade it for anything in the world. Btw, I still don’t know what the itinerary’s for.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Long awaited trip to India

What's with time these days? I mean day light time saving is one thing but personally I feel there just isnt enough time. This was a crazy week at work, I even wrote a draft here but didnt get around to post it. Well the good thing about time flying is 25th Nov is arriving sooner and this is the first time I actually am flying home for thanksgiving. Yes folks you guessed it right, I am taking the long awaited vacation to India. Apart from buying gifts and wondering about thousand things, there are few questions that keep appearing in my mind no matter what, I thought I would share it here and know if any of you felt the same way before going to India:

1. Would the roads and people look different?

2. Will I find all my cousins have grown older, greying ?

3. How about parents, do I run and hug them at the airport or simply stand still and let the thought that I am here and this is now sink in?

4. Will I manage to slow time and do all that I want to?

5. Will I be able to drive my 2-wheeler there like I did or will I be scared?

6. How will I react to the thousands of questions and curious inquiries of neighbors, relatives, friends and acquantainces. Will I long for my personal space or embrace the attention?

7. Will my brain constantly go into the loop of justifying the struggle I'll see daily- long queues, anxious train commuters, kids running aimlessly on streets vs porsche cars on broad roads, ample space and opportunities here?

And the most haunting questions of all- will my heart still break into million pieces when I bid goodbye to the land I came from?

P.S: I was simply happy to see your comment here Secondsight, I think I would rather not attempt to drive a vehicle while I am there :)