Sunday, April 11, 2010

I find nothing

I keep looking.....







But find nothing.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Memories are fading and I am trying to hold on..

And I stop writing, just like that. I stopped visiting the site as well. It was like I shut myself down completely. Is this a phase everyone goes through while blogging? Then what brings us all back to writing, is it knowing there will always be some reader out there in this vast web universe who would read and relate, an unknown friend. Maybe yes, or maybe throwing my thoughts out there makes me calm. How many times do you find or meet people who are ready to listen, not say anything, not argue, not suggest, just listen. Blog is one such person.

It has been raining for past few days, reminding me of Mumbai rains almost every day. Sometimes when I am at a traffic light, I just close my eyes and try to remember. Remember the smell of wet mud, remember the cool breeze, remember the chai wala pouring cutting chai. I remember people running out of the station holding newspaper, bags over their head trying to escape the rain. But Mumbai rains, when they poured they just poured. Remember taking a rikshaw home, hard plastic tied to the rikshaw doors which never really stayed in place and didn’t provide any protection from the rain. Remember standing at the door of the train, droplets of wind and rain touching my face. Remember listening to the rain as I slept. I still remember..

But the memories are fading and I am trying to hold on…