Sunday, January 10, 2010

Where o where will the new year take me?

January is the most exciting time of the year (new year begins and such), but trust me it vanishes in no time. By the time I think of resolutions its already March and then I wonder if its even worth coming up with any resolutions at all. So each year I basically think of re-living the year as I did last year, but guess what nothing stays the same.

Last year was full of new things:

-Working at 2 different companies, learning 2 completely different roles (nope and they did not suck)

-Travelling to India (first time after 2 years- what amazing experience I tell ya)


-Revisiting art

Not bad eh?

So about this whole visiting India thing, I did not put too much thought or ask too many people about experiences of visiting India. I wanted to experience it all first hand. What I did think about all the time was eating Pani Puri, yes, what else?

As you all know from my previous post as soon as I landed I had my cousin's engagement to attend. Imagine attending a family function without even having time to go to the parlor. No kidding! I was kinda apprehensive about meeting (the mob) so many relatives in one place, yes my family and their friends can easily fit into an auditorium. So I reach on Saturday night and Sunday is the engagement. I dont sleep ofcourse, which means dark circles around my eyes. I look in the mirror and go ufff now what. Maa dear has done some planning so saree and stuff is ready. I get ready and we head to the engagement.

As soon as I step in the hall, its like this whole world starring at me. Aunts, Uncles, Grandma, Cousins, Uncles uncle, Aunts sisters Bahu, Masi's friends first cousin. OMG, the entire freaking world is there. I try to stay calm on the surface put a fake smile and count till 20 or maybe 50 in both ascending and descending order.

One aunt comes straight running at me (no really, it was running at me) and hugs me as if she had planned she would crush my bones the moment she saw me. My soul lets out a small wail, but I smile.

Aunt: "oh my gawd, you havent changed at all, no weight gain, you must be going to gym and all that no?"

Me: smiling ...trying to speak but would i get a chance?

Aunt: "yeah poor child (with almost fake tears in her eyes) no servants there, you must be doing everything, dishes, laundry, cooking, cleaning, something they say farming like...aa..

Me: Lawn mowing

Aunt: Yeah yeah that only, all that you must be doing, no doubt you are not gaining any weight. Have you seen XYZ's daugters, first cousins wife?

Me: Huh? Actually auntiji, I just got here last night, and I really cant tell who you are talking about.

Aunt: Now come on, dont act like a foreign return, you know her very well. And dont tell me about just landed last night and all, during dandia who stayed up all night. That time you never spoke of jetlag haa?

Me: Errr.. yeah oh (smiling) no no I am fine

Aunt: Oye idhar aao (calling the waiter) grabbing about 5 kababs and handing me one. You look so pale, come on eat now, these are very nice.

Me: (not wanting to eat, nor wanting to stay there) o so nice of you, i think Ma is calling me, i need to get there before she comes here. I'll just be back ok.

Aunt: (not listening and enjoying the kababas, starts talking to some other aunt)

Folks that's just one interaction, there were several more on similar lines. In one hour I felt drained and wondered why they dont allow us to carry guns, even darts would be fine.

I'll add some more of these horror stories over the weekend...