Thursday, October 21, 2010

Elevator ride

Every day I get into the elevator at work at the lowest level, garage if you may. There is hardly one other person or no one who takes the elevator from there. I get off at level 3. So basically its not a very long ride, just parking 1, parking 2, ground, 1st and 2nd. Yet everyday when I get into the elevator, I hope it doesn’t stop anywhere before the 3rd floor. Why is that you ask? Well, its just uncomfortable,

Bunch of strangers, who are not really strangers since they work at the same company as you and you often see them once in like 6 months maybe. They get into the elevator.

Every stop the elevator makes, it challenges the weight bearing and space capacity of the elevator. Even if there is no more space, there is at least one person trying to squeeze in.

There is at least one person riding the elevator who is bathed in coffee. Don’t get me wrong, I do like coffee but not so much as to sit in a bath tub filled with coffee so I smell of it all day long.

Everyone waits in awkward silence. Not knowing or understanding what to do. Some stare at the roof, some at their shoes, some just keep moving 2 paces here and there, some keep pulling up their handbags or backpacks, some keenly stare at their car keys and some pretend to love the music they are listening to.

You have to be nice to people, they work in the same building as you do and though you may never run into them again, you never know right?. It could be another awkward ride to the 18th floor or something some other day.

Then there are those who ought to bring food or soda or vitamin water or tea or coffee or eat noodles (no kidding) while in the elevator. Don’t ask why, its as if this whole 2 min or less elevator ride is just too much time to waste, so I better eat. Or I maybe taking this elevator ride to the draught stricken 23rd floor, I ought to carry food.

And then there are those chatty ones. Those nice, smiling, i-am-so-happy-too-bad-your-life-sucks kinda people, who need to talk to you. Like:

Stranger1 (very chirpy): Hiiii, morning, how are you doing today? (this dude obviously has his adrenaline soaring up, what is he so happy about?)

Stranger2: Hi (lazily,obviously I am not interested in what nonsense you have to say. Rude but dude please its 9 am and I just woke up)

Me: Ahem, yeah huh hi

Stranger1: The weather today is quite nice, isn’t it?

Stranger2: Hmm (Like I care, dude take a hint)

Me: Yeah, its good (when will this damm elevator stop, I need to get out NOW)

Stranger1: Tully’s downstairs, good coffee. Did you try?

Stranger2: I don’t drink coffee

Me: I guess (thinking, obviously you would know, you had 20 cups probably) and smiling (Coz my floor arrived)

There are those who wear weird tight cycling shots, cycling helmet and enter the elevator all sweating. I mean I respect the fact that mr cycling dude cares about the environment and his own health. But those tight shorts, really? And why do they come in such fancy bright colors.

And then those who enter the elevator as a group (do they actually wait for their buddies before entering the elevator), coz they just start talking, loudly and laughing. This make me curl in a ball and roll out of the elevator.

Well there are so many more types I come across everyday and think how uncomfortable the elevator ride is really. I pretend daily to be no one , don’t exist, don’t look at me, I am not here kind of person when entering and leaving the elevator. Do you feel the same or its some weird chronic condition I have?

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Monkey huh!

Commonwealth games brought a lot of attention to India, good or bad it was publicity. Especially for some of our politicians. I came across this video today and couldnt stop laughing. I had to share it with all of you.

Is it so hard to say.. umm can you repeat that question for me again, I didnt get it?