Saturday, July 25, 2009

Bus Ride- Yesterday

Yesterday I got on to the bus, as usual nodded to the grumpy driver, who by the way wishes me goodmorning these days and moved on to find a window seat. Across from my seat I saw a pump guy getting all cozy and ready to sleep. Well it was around 7.45 am and not everyone needs to be all fresh and energetic. May be he was up late night, may be the weather is just right for the nap and may be I should stop thinking about why he wants to sleep and mind my own business. The very pregnant nice lady came and sat next to me. We often ride together, I chit chat with here and that makes the time go by soon. She says her baby is unusually active in the morning, kicking and bumping. I look from the plump man to her plump tummy.

Lots of regular riders get on the bus, most of them with headphones on. The bus moves to the next stop, the same old lady who asks the same old question to the grumpy driver gets on the bus. Now my friends let me tell you about this old lady, this old lady asks the same question to the driver daily- Whether the bus will go to the destination she wants to reach? And this she does everyday, I think in a way she tries to irritate the grumpy driver. First she either pretends or maybe really does not hear his answer. Then she sits right across him (in the elder folks seat) and asks him "Are you sure this bus goes there?" . Ha! The grumpy driver turns to her and tells her he drives the same route daily, stressing on the word DAILY. She thanks him- Thank you son, peacefully closes her eyes and enjoys the ride. Those who have noticed this, smile whenever she gets on the bus.

Well as the bus reaches the 3rd stop, the plump guy I told you folks about starts snoring. Yep, loud and clear. He also has an unusal snore pattern: "Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.....psssssssssstttttt" ending with a whistle. I try to reason with myself, well its normal for people to snore, stop listening, dont even look in that direction, ok spell Mississippi, talk to pregnant lady. But in spite I laugh, now laughing these days is risky,why you ask? Let me tell you how vulnerable these pregnant ladies are to laughter, the preggo lady looks at me with her eyebrows up, questioning sort of why I laugh. I turn my head and look at the plump snoring guy, that's it for her. She goes into a fit of laughter, too hard to stop or control. She keeps holding her tummy and keeps laughing. I pray she doesnt go into labor. Just then the snoring pattern of the plump guy changes to "Huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurrrrrr Psssstttttttttttttttttt". While I think if there is a way to distract the preggo lady from looking or hearing the snore man,suddenly a south indian song starts playing loudly. Everyone looks around, the guy listening to music is asleep, doesnt know the music is on loudspeaker mode now.

What starts as an exchange of smiles, turn into full roar laughter and this time the grumpy driver joins in. The guy sitting next to the music player, wakes him up, who screams. Screams???? Why??? Not sure why. This leads to another round of laughter and wakes the snoring man. Who instantly joins the laughter club completely unaware of his snoring attribute.

Sometimes laughing with strangers makes the bus ride worth it!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

There is lots to share :)

So I have been travelling across the bridge for past few months. Did you know its a whole new world there? For those who live downtown know what I mean. I have lotsa and lotsa of tales to share, bus journeys, people, the beautiful view of Mt.Rainier on a sunny day and work place stories. For most part, Seattle downtown reminds me of Mumbai. Lot of people walking on streets daily (maybe less than Mumbai) but yet so many more than the suburbs. Each day I catch the bus to downtown and share the ride with a grumpy bus driver, who by the way drives truly well and reaches downtown in a matter of 20 mins. Recently I discovered his true nature aint grumpy, but more about that later. Then there is the very pregnant lady, whom I really admire for her motivation to go to work daily. Then there is the guy who play louds music and gets yelled at. The other guy whose ringtone is a religious tune.

There is so much I experience daily on this bus ride, now I need to sit down and jot a proper post for all you friends. Coming up soon!