Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Twitching Eye

For past 2 days I have a twitch in my eye. Bizarre, isn't it? It's that annoying involuntary fluttering of eyelid. And it's annoying much. I have tried 10 different things trust me:

1. Reading a book with one eye closed, wish had that pirate eye patch- Doesn’t work; you end up with a watery eye and wouldn’t have understood a word of what you read.

2. Tried splashing cold (Extreme cold water) on the eye, numbing it to death (heck its minus 7 degrees here) and there I was trying to give my eye some shock treatment- Doesn’t work; your hand becomes numb, there is involuntary shivering of body added to the involuntary twitching of eyelid. And that stays for good 20 mins.

3. Extensively googled and read up on twitching eye and came across some very horrifying diseases of which I believe my symptoms match none- Yet again, completely useless; There was something about basal ganglion(the part of brain that's responsible for controlling muscles). I knew it had to do something with my brain, that one part of my body which insists on living independently. Some researcher in one of the sites I googled states it may be a hereditary problem. Thank god my Ma doesn't know this scientist. Ma believes depending on which eye twitches something bad or good would happen in future. How? Don't ask me and please don't dare ask her. Any who I absolutely can't remember which one is the good eye and which one is the bad eye twitch. They also mention that the eye twitch can be stress related too, heck yes, I had to watch 6 episodes of "Kyle XY" over the weekend which I couldn’t , wouldn't that be termed as stress?. The point I want to make here is- Don’t search for answers on the net, you won’t find any, rather you will end up reading tip on latest fashion, how to keep your skin glowing in winter and shopping deals at best.

4. Tried poking my finger into my eye when I wasn't aware: How, I wasn't aware? Don't ask me, like I said my brain works quite independently- This also doesn’t work, I ended up poking the wrong eye, don't know how. I was focusing too much on the eye-being-unaware-thing. The twitch fades and reappears with a new vengeance, so don’t try stabbing, poking and such. Any please please don’t try applying mascara. I managed to turn the eye black trying to do so. Ahem!

5. Eye drops some pages suggested- Now that's one thing I am scared of, last time I used it I was blinded for half a day. Forget it. You will have to visit a Doctor for prescription who will look at you as if you are a moron. No one goes to the doctor for an eye twitch. You may believe you have some horrible terrible disease with the symptom of an eye twitch, but the doctor will simply send you home.

So after a lot of pondering, I came up with my own theory. Genius aint i? The theory is-Distraction. Yep that's it. Find a really soft chocolate cup cake with a good amount of chocolate cream icing. Prepare your mind not to count the calories, think about how yummm it looks. As soon as I got my eye on the cup cake, the twitch disappeared he…he..he. I relished the cup cake and promised myself satisfying my guilt that I would stay away from sweets and ice creams for two days, ok may be a week, ok ok 12 days. Gosh!

Anywho if you guys know some awesome remedies for eye twitch do share!


Erika said...

I think it's likely that a good chocolate cupcake could solve the majority of the world's problems. Way to think inside the bakery box!!

SUMI said...

Hahaha. I once had nonstop twitching one evening before one of my exams- this was years back! Gave me an excuse not to study. :)

As for remedies, you thought of something better than I ever would have- the choc cup cake! I dunno of any other that's better.

Perception said...

Erika, Sumi: Seems like you both agree with the theory of chocolate cup cake.

I also think the theory of shopping, icecreams and hot chocolate may work too but darn the eye twitch is gone and can't prove it :)