Wednesday, August 24, 2011


For the longest time I have wanted to write these little fictional stories, these stories I would think of either while travelling on bus or just walking down the block. I would take the time to even write them on the word doc and then would delete the document without saving. This is so stupid, I would say to myself. No one is going to like this or even read this. But then today I decided, well what the heck. Let me just list out this one story and see how it goes. Like I said in my earlier post, I have too many cobwebs to clean around this blog :). So let me take you on another journey, something different from our day to day lives and yet a part of it. Let’s travel to the good old days of maharaja’s and rajputs. Of kingdoms and wars. Of bravery, strategy, romance and victory. Excited?

Rajkumari Shrutkirti was sitting in front of the mirror admiring herself while all around dasis were giggling and making fun of her. Dwarka was lovingly teing her plait while Menaka was putting payal on her feet. The latest design from Sriman Kevat, who claimed this was the same payal ordered by Rajkumari Mandavi of Bundi. Rajkumari Shrutkirti admired her feet, the beautiful payal with artistic design adorned her lovely feet and shined against her milk white skin. The pearls attached to the payal made it even more beautiful. She stomped her feet lightly on the ground and little sounds made all the dasis around laugh. This was a big day for Rajkumari Shrutkirti. It was her Swayamwar. She has dreamt over and over of this day. Painted pictures of various rajkumar’s were laid out in front of her. These she had received 1 month ago. Being the youngest and the only daughter of Raja Mansingh, she had the right to choose, rather she had wickedly achieved it by displaying crocodile tears and weaving stories around “Banno ki shaadi songs”. Mansingh has given in and sent messengers/riders to neighboring kingdoms (near and far) requesting painted pictures of grooms interested in the Swayamwar. The paintings were of all shapes and kinds, some ridiculously good to be true and some looked as if the kingdom may be on the verge of losing its last possible painter. Rajkumari, however relied very less on these paintings and more on the inside information she obtained via her appointed ally’s in various divisions of the kingdom. There was the finance minister who informed of wealth and health of various kingdoms. The head of all natya, gayan and kala (music and arts) who informed of the latest architectural improvements or activities around various kingdoms. The war strategist who spoke to the bravery and skills in various victories. So overall she had a pretty good idea and had shortlisted the top 5 potential princes she would consider. Ofcourse there would be day long contests among the princes to prove their skills (archery, swordfighting, hunting and what not). But Rajkumari hardly cared about those. She was more interested in finding the right diamond in the mix, one who would be politically powerful and emotionally compatible. Prithviraj, that was the one she had in mind. One who has conquered many kingdoms, showed mercy to even his worst enemies, spent time listening to the pleas of his people even at 2.00 am in the morning. He was the one , she knew it. So when the day of Swayamwar arrived, she wanted to look her best. From head to toe she was decorated in gold. She picked white, that was her color. White beautiful saree and gold jewelry to match it- the kamabandh (waist band), arm band, beautiful pearl earrings, pearl nose ring. She had heard, Prithviraj was fond of pearls. He had adorned his own crown with pearls. So pearls were for her.

Finally Raja Mansingh entered the room and stood there. Dasis quickly disappeared without a sound. Mansingh walked up to his daughter and held her face in both his hands. Beautiful! He exclaimed. How will this kingdom ever remain the same without you? It’s time Rajkumari, lets walk to the mandal (open hall). Though her eyes were filled with tears, inwardly she smiled. It was the day she would finally meet Prithviraj. She quietly walked with her father and sat on the throne next to him. Her eyes fixed on her feet. Princes from states far and near had come to attend the swayamwar. Talks of Rajkumari’s beauty was spread far and wide. Rajkumari only hoped Prithviraj would be there. She knew she wasn’t supposed to look up, but bold as she was, she did. There was queue of princes and she could only see that far. Each prince was supposed to step forward, one of his assistant (mantri ) would describe his valor and he would step aside for the next prince.

Woah! This is turning out to be a really long post. How about you tell me how you like it and then we continue with the rest of Swayamwar? :)


Neeraja said...

Ah, teaser, eh? ;). Lovely narration... waiting to read more! :)

You know, the first short-story I ever wrote as a teenager was very similar to this one - raja-rani times, but mine ended in tragedy! :). Tragedy to the story and the ending ;)

SecondSight said...

No fair- I want the rest!!! (haha, this makes me feel like throwing a tantrum like the king in the Arabian nights stories.. who would get an incomplete story every night :)).

Seriously, I want to know what happened. So hurry up please :)

SUMI said...

ok, come on, quick! write your next post!! :)

Suma Subramaniam said...

Cant wait to know whats going to happen at the Swayamvar!

Perception said...

Thanks a lot everyone for the encouragement. I couldn't feel confident to write more without it. Part 2 is posted. I hope u guys like it and want more.