Sunday, November 13, 2016

Swayamwar and plea

It's been so long that I have been away from this blog. So many occasions of writing came by and sped past. I have missed writing. I am missed sharing with you all my friends and above all I have missed finishing Swayamwar. I had this lingering feeling of writing a book for a long time. But I lack the skill of doing so. I lack the fine penmanship, the talent to weave words in to a fascinating mystery that binds the reader to their seat. But I have decided to attempt it. I need your help if at all I ever want to finish this story. For this I am starting the Swayamwar blog. This blog isn't for publicizing, but rather for feedback. I need you all my dear friends to provide feedback. You have encouraged me every step of this blog. I have disappointed you often. Not writing. Not sharing a word for days and months on end. But then again, we are writers, all of us. We know the ups and downs, the cliched writers block. Consider me being in one for the longest. I am hoping I see some of your feedback on the other blog and by that I would know you have forgiven me and granted my plea to join me in the journey of finishing this story. Here is the Swayamwar Blog: I am not abandoning this blog. Even if I wanted to I couldn't. But this will remain the blog it's meant to be, of moments and memories, of laughter and observations.

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